Cook's Brigade (GA)

4th, 12th, 21st, & 44th Georgia Infantry Regiments

Formerly Doles' Brigade, this veteran organization endured the campaign in the Shenandoah despite it's sadly reduced state. Though suffering from the same limited supplies as the other brigades in that campaign, the reports show that by February the command had recovered nicely in clothing and equipment, thanks partly to a very late-war issue of supplies from their native state.


Aug ’64





Jan ’65


Present & Absent
















Effective for Field








Arms:  Springfield and Enfield rifles. In November, clean in 4th and 12th, dirty in 21st and 44th. All regiments clean by 


Accoutrements:  In February more than 200 men without bayonets.

Condition of clothing:  September "poor", October and November "bad", February "good" (Deficiency numbers for this month   

                   are remarkably low. They may have received clothing from Georgia like some other units at the time.)

Military appearance:  "Good" on all reports.

Personal cleanliness:  September "neat", Nov "Owing to the want of clothing men are unable to be neat.", dec neat, 

General sanitary condition:  "Good" on all reports.

Discipline:  "Good" on all reports.

Drill:  "Well" on all reports.

Police of camp or post:  "Thorough" in November, not reported for other months. 

Inspector's Comments

30 November:

I would respectfully call attention to the fact that bonded officers are required to hand in regularly, reports which require that all their papers should be on hand for reference. They have no transportation, but that of the brigade headquarters, and consequently can carry but a small lot of their vouchers, etc. Cannot one wagon be allowed to Brigade Q.M., C.S.?

And I would respectfully call attention to the want of jackets, pants and blankets for the men of this command. Many are without jackets and blankets, and as a matter of coarse are unable to sleep at nights during the disagreeable weather we have had.

Many officers of this brigade being cut off from all communications from home since the fall of Atlanta are now in a destitute condition and by orders issued are not allowed to purchase clothing from Q.M. Department. Cannot some steps be taken to remedy this?

25 February:

[Note from Brigade Ordnance Officer]

The deficiency of bayonet scabbards and cartridge box belts in this command is owing to the fact that they have not been furnished to men returning from furlough, or to those who lost them in last summers campaign. Repeated requisitions have been made for them by the Brigade Ordnance Officer, but owing to the scarcity of them, they have not as yet been supplied by Ordnance Department at Richmond.

Source: Records of the Adjutant & Inspector General’s Department, NARA, microcopy M935

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