Kemper's Brigade

1st, 3rd, 7th, 11th, & 24th Virginia Infantry Regiments

     Kemper's Brigade moved into position on the right of Pickett's Division on the morning of July 3rd. Lying on open ground behind the massed line of artillery, they lost a significant number of men from Federal counter-battery fire during the great cannonade. During the charge they were crowded left by enfilading artillery fire and the flanking maneuver of Stannard's Vermonters. 38% of the brigade were left killed, wounded, or captured by the end of Pickett's Charge.


     No detailed information relating to issues or inventories for the regiments of Kemper's Brigade has yet been located. Division level records show that, as of late May, a significant quantity of .69 and .54 ammunition was still being drawn. However, the same records show small batches of these non-.58 calibre guns were continually being turned in to the corps ordnance officer, suggesting a gradual phasing out of these weapons. 

     In June the division received 700 new knapsacks, 800 haversacks, and 836 canteens, some of which likely trickled down to Kemper's men. Having missed Chancellorsville, the brigades of Pickett's Division should have had lower levels of captured Union gear than most other commands.


     The 3rd Virginia, which mustered 318 enlisted men at Gettysburg, reported the following quantities received during the first quarter of 1863:

154 Jackets

219 prs. Pants

77  Caps

143 Shirts

127 prs. Drawers

265 prs. Shoes

94  prs. Socks

10 Overcoats

6  Blankets

40 Tent Flies

     Records for the second quarter have only been located for 6 companies, with quantities on par with those above. It was enough for the 3rd to report the condition of it's clothing as "good" on the June 30th muster rolls.

     The 7th Virginia brought nine companies to Gettysburg totaling 330 enlisted men. On June 30th the regiment recorded the issue of:

252 Jackets

358 prs. Pants

74  Caps

5  Hats

441 Shirts

426 prs. Drawers

279 prs. Shoes

477 prs. Socks

    As a result of this generous issue the 7th reported the condition of it's clothing as "good" on the June 30th muster rolls.

    The 24th Virginia received a moderate issue on May 18th which included a few dozen caps. Additional moderate quantities were received at various dates in June, though no further headgear was issued. 


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