Recent Updates:

Added 11/2/14:

Some observations regarding a photo of the German 45th New York at Centreville, Virginia.

Added 7/21/14:

More reports from 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, I Corps, 1863.

Added 7/16/14:

U.S. content! An inspection of Baxter's Brigade of the I Corps after Chancellorsville.

Added 2/1/14:

More rations. This time a more detailed look at one regiment, the 8th Georgia Infantry.

Added 1/26/14:

A Confederate Brigade's Rations, May - June 1863.

Added 8/15:

Gettysburg project pages added for the brigades of Gordon and Hoke, both of Early's Division.

Added 1/20:

"It Was Easy to Distinguish Them From the Soldiers of Bragg's Army": The Uniform of Longstreet's Corps at Chickamauga (link)

Added 1/4:

Gettysburg project pages up for the brigades of Garnett and Armistead, as well as a page with general info on Pickett's Division as a whole.

Added 12/21:

Gettysburg project pages have been added for the brigades of Semmes and Kemper.

Added 8/22:

Gettysburg pages active for the brigades of Daniel, Benning, Anderson, and Robertson.

Added 8/16:

Gettysburg pages active for the brigades of Law, Iverson, Hays, Nicholls, Jones, and Thomas.

Added 8/5:

Gettysburg pages active for Archer's, Smith's, and O'Neal's Brigades.

Added 7/27:

Gettysburg pages now active for Scales', Mahone's, and Perrin's brigades.

Added 7/15:

The first information has been added to the Armies at Gettysburg Project.  Links are now active for Lane's, Davis's, and Brockenbrough's brigades of Lee's army. More units will be added frequently, and new information added to existing pages as it becomes available.

Added 5/15:

A new article on the firm of John & George Gibson, maker of millions of wooden uniform buttons for the Richmond Depot, and the suggested identification of the four-hole wooden buttons seen on late war garments as products of that company.

Picture 34

    Men of the Irish 170th New York Infantry, recruited from Brooklyn and   NYC.        

                                          (National Archives)

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